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Choosing an Edmonton metal roof for your property is becoming increasingly more popular in the Alberta areas. No matter if it’s for residential, commercial or industrial proposes, metal roofing has a very expanded broad range of colors, styles and outstanding durability which is why many people gravitate to constructing their property with metal roofer material. Some of the historic metal roofed building in Edmonton have stood the test of time and are able to hit that century mark in age. When choosing this style, you can expect to have minimal maintenance. Metal construction can also be placed over the already existing roof which will save in taking down and tear-off costs. This is great because it has increased resistance to thaw cycles and repeated freezing; especially here in Edmonton.

Our products have lifetime warranty, energy star rated material and are wind/heat resistant. As we mentioned it is very low maintenance costs with powerful protection against weather conditions. The materials are also “Class A” fire rated. Our goal is to met your goals – we know that is it very important how the property has to be as attractive as possible while at the same time highly durable. With what we offer, you have an abundant of styles, colors and metal roofing shingles, shake, flat and tiling.

So why do clients decide to go with metal? We know that it may be a little higher in price for metal materials and that the investment is of a premium cost to you, but this will also save you money in the long run because the roof will last a lifetime in comparison to regular asphalt or other material which needs re-roofing every 15 years or so. The benefits of choosing a metal roof over conventional styles is that it is fire proof, wind resistant, energy efficient (some have a savings of over thirty five percent) and the value of your home increases in appreciation because of the metal roofing as well.  Another strong benefit that we like to really drive home is that the durability is like no other, these roofs have been known to last 75 years to over hundred years and counting, which is just amazing. There are not many companies in Edmonton that specialize and actually do a good job at metal roofing and NMAP Inc. is among the very few.

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Some of the materials used is aluminum, copper, zinc and steel. We recommend using aluminum for the properties in more humid areas because of the resistance to corrosion. Copper roofing is a very durable material and would add very beautiful detailing to any roof style accents, this can be used with a combination of other materials.

Sheet metal roofing in Edmonton is one of the longest lasting material which is why we love to recommend it. The versatility and protection that it can give your property is really second to none. With a strong dedication to meet your goals, we make sure that our metal materials meet and even surpass your standards. Our technicians have plenty of experience in all types of metal roofs and will make sure to answer all your questions when they arise. We are Edmonton’s most trusted source for interlock roofing and metal designed roofing.

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Chemical treated metal roof sheeting can last up to a century and untreated can last over forty years, that is a huge difference to the regular 15 year period. This is why many people are choosing to move to this style of roof because of that sustainability and long term life. By treating your roof with UV protected coatings, galvanized coatings and/or other coatings – it can give your roof a strong resistance to any weather conditions, mold, mildew and make them highly energy efficient. One of the biggest benefits we have found that our clients love is that it is fireproof, this and all of the other reasons have made metal roofing an extraordinary installation choice for property owners.

With the malleable nature of metals and metallurgy advancements, the sheet metal tiles can have strong functionality when paired with the style of having individual shingles/tiles. The function works the same as an asphalt type of interlocking water shedding roof. The tiles can be marked with decorative designs which can make your roof look like you want it to, maybe a wood or clay style of look.

metal sheet panels in edmontonThe metal panels have that water shedding “hydrokinetic” system as well and can come in all sorts of sizes and thicknesses. This can be perfect for the larger industrial needed paneling and situations like warehouses because by using the heavy gauge panels. For the job it can have that structural framing and waterproofing all in one and is a nice advantage to have because of that direct attachment which can reduce costs.

This is a great choice for those commercial businesses who want to have a nice elegant look that still has all the durable properties they are looking for.

If you are looking for one that is easy to install and can be fabricated on site for the convenience of the job project then you may want to consider using a seam roofing system which are narrow strips of metal with interlocking seams which are just snapped together for easy installation.

At NMAP we guarantee the quality of your metal roofing installation by following Canadian building codes and have done so for almost a decade in Edmonton. We know our customer satisfaction is top notch because we have grown with a lot through word of mouth recommendations and by a strong customer satisfaction based industry, we make sure that what you pay for in metal roofing costs is returned to you ten fold. Our passion for the industry is shown in our work. If you are ready to take the next step and have one of our specialists come and give you a free estimate on your property project then give us a call at 780-340-6627 or go to our free quote page and submit a short form. We look forward to bringing your roofing goals to life and working together to change to structural ingenuity for metal roofing for Edmonton residents.